Putting The "Native" Back Into Native American Flutes

Welcome to Siyotanka!

Here you will find Authentic information about the Native American Flute

Above: My Grandfather and his Father. Abel Swan(the boy) was my Mother's Father, and Walter Swan(the man) was his Father.

Right: Paul Swan, aka Little Swan, aka White Swan was Walter Swan's Father, therefore my Great, Great Grandfather.

Below: another photo of Paul Swan, aka Little Swan, Wintercount Keeper among my People.

“I Am an Elk Dreamer. I make these Siyotanka because of who I am, and because of the untold generations of my Ancestors who have Lived on this Land. We are Indigenous, We Belong Here, and our Ways are Ways of Peace and Symbiosis."

 ---- Wanbli WiWoope

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